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After months of experiencing the debilitating side effects of Bell’s  Palsy, I was consumed with finding an effective remedy and as much of a restoration as possible.  I tried physical therapy and electric shock therapy; both helped, but the progress was minimal.

  After a day or so surfing the internet I discovered that some real gains had been achieved with the application of acupuncture treatment.  I then searched for any local providers in the Harrisburg area and  contacted Tian Shi Acupuncture.  I spent an initial consultation with Batbayar Damdin and we discussed my goals.  A primary goal of mine was to attend my eldest daughter’s wedding in four months and to be able to smile naturally.

We started a regiment of treatments three times a week.  I noticed marked improvement after only a week.  The treatments were then reduced to twice a week after the first month.  On every occasion Batbayar was kind, concerned and exuded a calm expertise that was gratifying.

While I am not 100% where I once was, my progress and my satisfaction has been excellent.  I would recommend Tian Shi Acupuncture to any one.  They deliver measurable results.


Acupuncture has been an invaluable part of my healing process. It has aided greatly in pain management and also has helped me in a lot of unanticipated ways. The combination of acupuncture, herbs and massage has really made a difference in regaining and maintaining good health. I have found the staff at Tian Shi to be a refreshing change from traditional health care. They are compassionate, caring people who take the time to listen and allow me to be an active partner in my own healthcare. Tian Shi has earned my trust and loyalty and I encourage anyone like me to just try it and see.


After struggling with infertility for over 4 years and having countless tests, my doctors diagnosed me with "unexplained infertility." I was extremely frustrated as I felt there had to be some medical reason I couldn't conceive naturally. A friend referred me to Batbayar and within minutes of talking to him I knew I had to give acupuncture a try. He was honest, sincere and confident that he could help me. Following only 8 acupuncture treatments my husband and I were able to conceive! We were blessed with a beautiful, healthy baby girl. Batbayar is a true healer. Words can't begin to express our gratitude. Thank you for changing our lives by helping us bring new life into the world. 


For three years I have had a pain in my right leg, just below my knee. I've been to a number of doctors and have had x-rays, MRIs, and blood tests - all to no avail. Nobody knew what was causing the pain or how to treat it. A few months ago, a friend suggested I go to Batbayar Damdin at Tian Shi Acupuncture. I had no idea what acupuncture could do for me or how it worked, but I was out of options. Much to my delight, I've found that after only a few months of treatment, the pain has gone! 




Connie Deline, MD

Barbara Paule


Ray Davis


Brandy Tunningley